The Scarf From Siena

This summer I backpacked and somehow managed to end up in Italy for about a week. By somehow I mean I planned it months ahead and knew exactly what I wanted to see.

Once I began traveling though, my priorities changed and I ended up cutting out the major Italian cities completely. I didn’t go to Venice or Milan, but somewhere that I initially had never heard of, Certaldo.

Italy was pretty much the last stop on my trip before heading home and I had realized that I was bored sick of cities. Yes, they were all beautiful, but they weren’t exciting me anymore. I decided to reevaluate my plans and visit more of Tuscany and the country side.

 It was there that I met a wonderful friend named Ye who I traveled the country side with. We stayed in an adorable hostel in Certaldo and took day trips to Pienza and Siena.

Our hostel
Our hostel

While there, having the time of my life (I even took a cooking class with an Italian chef!!), I found a scarf sitting in a bargain bin. This scarf was not just a scarf, but an exceptional piece of style that NEEDED to be around my neck. It has a map of Naples printed on the prettiest blue that I ever did see!

So today on my blog, I have created an outfit inspired by that beautiful scarf and my time in Certaldo!

Look at that awkward posing 🙂



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