Pretty in Pope

16409880_481452795576141_594748080_oHere I go! My first post…

Today, my good friend Savanna (of The Dorky Diva) helped me put my ideas into reality. I thought it only fit that my first blog post included my “Olivia Pope Coat” because it always makes me feel like a bona fide bad ass. Plus Kerry Washington would totally wear this coat.


I found this coat at H&M a few years ago and had to nab it! The second I put it on I felt the power of Olivia Pope fire through me. Suddenly I started strutting around the store as if I was having an affair with the president or maybe running D.C. from my law firm.


I was trifling through my roommate’s closet one morning, as I often do, and came across this simple dress. It’s soft and cozy, but still chic enough to dress up. The best part, my roomie says it was $12.99!

Earrings from Francesca’s / Necklace from Brandy Melville

Okay that’s enough for now; short and sweet! I’m planning to post at least one of my outfits each week so stay tuned.


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